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Corruption is like cancer…

Today I thought let’s get up early and buy the vegetables required for the rest of the week. Early is great time to buy in India, veggies get freshly unloaded from wherever they are grown and if you buy them directly from the local vendors instead of the supermarket you get them for a good price. Enough said.

I was at this street vendor - buying beetroot and beans among other things, when a police officer strolled next to me, who it must be also said I duly did not acknowledge. The street vendor on sighting him gave a perfunctory salute, murmured an apology to me and proceed to put a few eggplants, beet roots, beans, carrots and peppers in a plastic bag - all without weighting them. He then handed over the plastic bag to the policeman who then walked away with his ill-gotten goods, obviously without any payment. Everything done without a single word exchanged.

The street vendor looked at me, eager to resume business - shrugged at my glum face and said, well, its better to pay in kind, works out cheaper.

Corruption is like cancer, it’s an institution unto itself. It permeates through every nook and crannies of our society. We are all a part of it. I can’t take the higher ground. When faced with inconvenience almost everyone of us takes the easiest route - greasing an officials palm.

I wonder if this will ever change, will it change in my lifetime, my children? maybe their children. Got to be realistic huh?

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dharmathroughkarma asked: I'm going to be in India when the results of the election are released, an opportunity I wouldn't normally have. Is there anything you would recommend seeing, doing, or listening to? (I'll be in Andhra Pradesh)

During election results time you wouldn’t listen to anything else but an exhausting over analysis and dissection of the General Elections 24/7 on news channels. Just like almost everyone in India is a cricket pundit, nearly everyone are also political soothsayers. You will hear a few I told you so, no matter what the result.

Seeing and doing? related to election results? there shouldn’t be much going on. If you want to experience an election rally (I would not recommend) they will all be over by then. The new election rules prohibit a lot of the noisy in your face canvassing that used to take place in the 90s so you will not see too many defaced walls and election graffiti at least in the big cities.

Related to AP - in my limited experience AP is terribly hot this time of the year (42-45c) especially if you are visiting from cooler climates and is dry as toast. Drink plenty of water and then drink some more. Enjoy the spicy food. Depending on which city you go to, there should be a number of historical/cultural hotspots. 

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Should rape cases be punished with hanging? They are boys, they make mistakes.

Mulayam Singh Yadav at an election rally.

Source -

Incidentally rape incidents are reported in India on an average of 1 in every 22 minutes (a significant number goes unreported). The conviction rate on that is highly abysmal. Among those that do get convicted, the most extreme punishment is reserved for the worst offenders.

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Shakti Mills gang-rape accused convicted by Judge

Baring the minors who will be tried separately, all accused involved in 2 gang rapes at the Shakti mills were convicted by the Session Judge in Mumbai today. 3 of the accused participated in both the gang rapes separated by a period of 3 weeks. All that remains is deciding the punishment due to the offenders.

The one piece of news that I did not know was that the law has now been amended such that 

  • The minimum quantum of punishment for someone convicted of gang rape in India is 20 years rigorous punishment.
  • The maximum quantum of punishment is life imprisonment - by which they mean -  imprisonment till the “remaining part of a person’s natural life” 

This amendment has been in effect since Feb 2013, in light of the protests against the infamous Delhi gang rape case of Dec 2012.

I am personally happy that the law has been amended to reflect the serious nature of the crime, weather or not it acts as a deterrence in future is difficult to gauge but at least

  • Offenders are locked up for a very very long time.
  • Law and Order has reacted by extending punishment to a very serious problem in our society.

What will be less satisfying to know is that the juveniles who will be tried separately will attract far less punishment. Juveniles convicted of serious crimes like gang rape will not be imprisoned for more than 3 years. That is the maximum quantum of punishment on account of them being less than 18 years of age at the time of the offense. 

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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (2010)

The most inspiring documentary I have watched in the last 12 months. Since 2011, this documentary has some sort of cult status among people looking to lose weight.

I am currently on Day 20 of the reboot myself :)

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India crosses the moral line of no return if Narendra Modi becomes prime minister

I like this article. It articulates and mirrors my own thoughts on the topic. I understand people fed up with the current system, the corruption, the incompetency, negligence and apathy from the political class. I however think we are looking at the wrong solution.

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So far as violating sovereignty is concerned, Russia would point out that the U.S. invaded Panama to arrest Noriega, invaded Grenada to prevent American citizens from being taken hostage (even though they had not been taken hostage), invaded Iraq on spurious grounds that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, targets people in other countries with drones, etc., etc. In other words, for the U.S. to preach about respect for sovereignty and preservation of territorial integrity to a Russian president can seem a claim to special rights not allowed others.

Jack Matlock, pointing out that if it’s good for the goose …  (via politicalprof)

Good point.

Although I must say that that it sounds hypocritical coming from the US, it’s decidedly less so coming from the rest of the world. A bully cannot justify his actions by pointing to the actions of another bully.